Uses of Shipping Containers

Top #21 Innovative and Creative Uses of Shipping Containers

Human’s creativity knows no bounds. Mankind has transformed uncountable objects designed for one purpose into something totally different. Repurposing is an ingenious way to use old things and is critical for extending the life of important construction materials.

Do you think about your next project will be on a shipping container? At present shipping containers are getting more popular because of their various benefits. People started using containers as a way to save money and live a low-maintenance lifestyle, about a decade ago.

Containers are immensely durable. This quality is why they’re ready to withstand handling and shipment. Shipping containers have become one of the most important reusable storage and transport units in the world.

Recycling material in architecture is becoming a popular material for the creation of sustainable projects. Among them, shipping containers have been one of the demandable elements that have gained huge popularity in past years.

The uses of shipping containers increase day by day. Countries all over the world including Bangladesh are using these versatile rectangular boxes for homes, schools, restaurants, offices, toilets, bathrooms, etc.

In Bangladesh nowadays shipping containers are widely used almost in every construction sector. There are endless possibilities for what you can make from containers.

Multiple Uses of Shipping Containers

Multiple Uses of Shipping Containers

The multiple uses of shipping containers are shown in below list-

1. Office Building

Uses of containers as office building are getting popular day by day. The size of the container office is 10ft, 20ft, and 40 ft. Among them, 40ft is the standard size of a shipping container office building. A container office can be a single cabin or double cabin, with a toilet or without a toilet, with a kitchen, or without a kitchen. The decoration of the office depends on the customer who owns or rents the container office. The benefits of container offices are beyond description. For a construction site, it is using more and more for reducing the waste of time for the staff.

2. Toilet/Bathroom

Toilet container units are using for a wide range of businesses, including construction sites. Shipping containers make an excellent structure to convert into toilets or bathroom. They are eco-friendly and watertight, but at the same time, they are portable to a new location when required. The size of the Shipping Container Toilet and Container Bathrooms is 10ft, 20ft, and 40 ft. It can be customized as per clients’ requirements. Container toilets/bathroom may have showers, urinals, disabled amenities or a combination of all or some of these options. Container toilets have standard plumbing connections that can be connected directly to your sewage inlet.


For the benefits of shipping container now a day it is converted to house. Shipping container houses are very famous around the world including in Bangladesh. These houses are super bland and relatively cost-effective compared to a permanent house. The size and decoration of the houses depend on customers’ choice. With all the facilities as a permanent house container houses are now getting more priority. Shipping container houses can be one, two, or multi-storied. Modern electric and drainage systems are using on it. In a container house, there should be toilets, a kitchen, and sometimes a veranda. Portability and eco-friendliness of container house make it popular among the people.

4. Restaurant

The container restaurant is a complete restaurant with all the kitchen equipment and food items to serve the requirements of its customers. Container restaurants are using more for their portability and cost-effectiveness as building a permanent restaurant is more costly. A shipping container restaurant is sure to hold up around for a long time. Even as a restaurant, this stands out and sometimes becomes a fun destination for customers.

5. Grocery Shop

Shipping container is used as a grocery shop. In some areas the markets are not near, for that areas container grocery shop gives a good service with lots of products people need and they don’t find those in their area. Because of portability, container grocery shops can go anywhere people need them. So, the demands of container grocery shops increasing day by day.

6. Furniture

Shipping containers can make furniture for schools and houses. Whether people are looking to create chairs, tables, or desks, you can’t get much stronger than shipping container material. This furniture is also very comfortable and easy to move than any other furniture we use.

7. Movie Theater

Shipping containers can provide a temporary solution to a movie theater, but they offer a lot of enjoyable value in a very short time. People can make their own container movie theater as they want for their leisure time. It is being more popular in present all over the world.

8. Food Truck

Instead of traveling from place to place, people can keep food trucks in one location. People can modify a container as they need for their food truck. This also works well for small shops.

9. Play Station/Indoor Garden

For keeping kids entertained with a container play station/indoor garden. People can configure it as their taste and which is good for kids. Adding games and a TV, and the play station will be a perfect location for sleepovers with friends. As people use a container as an indoor garden they can keep many types of indoor plants. Indoor plants are making the garden more beautiful.

10. Schools

A permanent school building is costly, but education is a must for the world’s children. For reducing the cost of building a permanent school people are using shipping containers as classrooms, which are great for tight budgets. These schools are outfitted with solar panels, which save money on electricity. For some remote areas, shipping container schools do a great for educating the people.

11. Hotels

People are using shipping containers as houses, so they can be used as hotels as well. These containers have been converted into hotels in many countries across the world. Now people are choosier about their tastes, keep in mind that hotel companies now build container hotels besides their permanent ones. It makes customers think about their hotel for stay.

12. Workshops

It comes with no surprise that so many people now using shipping containers as workshops. Using a shipping container as a workshop space comes with a lot of benefits. Not only they are cost-effective, portable, and durable, but can be customized to fit people’s exact needs. Shipping containers are highly secure for workshops. Shipping container workshops can be great for both residential and commercial uses. Whether people want to use workshops on residential property or plan to set up business on a commercial lot, the supplier will be able to work as the customer wants.

13. Emergency Hospital

As Bangladesh is a disaster-prone country, it needs more resources to protect its people. When an accident occurs whatever it would be a disaster accident, road accident, or else, the victim needs hospitalization as early as possible. But for the transportation problem, it is too difficult to take the patient to the hospital. For solving this problem shipping containers are using as an emergency hospital. Wherever the accident occurred, this emergency shipping container hospital reach there as they are portable. These emergency hospitals can also be made stationary and affixed to permanent locations.

14. Studios

As people like to change their taste, this use of shipping container studios is increasing day by day. People can customize the size of the studio and decorate the studio as they want. Because of portability facilities, it can move one place to another as people like.

15. Art Gallery

Sometimes it is difficult to get a permanent home for using as an art gallery. This shipping container gives the best solution. Now shipping container uses as an art gallery. People can keep the gallery in a suitable location as they need.

16. Disaster Shelters

Bangladesh is a disaster-prone country. Many of the people of southern 19 zillas are always at a risk of environmental disaster. When a disaster happens or would be happened, the people of the littoral zone need to go for a safer place. But our country does not have much disaster shelters as we need for the people. In this case, the shipping container would be the best alternatives. The Shipping container can be used as disaster shelters, which makes the government easy to give shelter to the people of the littoral zone at the time of disaster.

17. Swimming Pools

If there needs a pool in the backyard, maybe it’s time to purchase an old shipping container! To beat the summer heat not only the shipping containers a super cool way, butthe pool will also be the talk of the town. The pool will be the same size as the container. The pool will be decorated as per the client’s requirements.

18. Hostel

Shipping containers are now used as hostels in many countries including Bangladesh. Many colleges and universities own these containers and use them as their hostel.

19. Laboratories

A growing company can use container laboratories for remote scientific projects and industrial facilities. The special benefit of a container laboratory is it is transportable. Besides, it can be designed as the authority wants.

20. Car-Parks

Car parking is a major problem in the megacities like Dhaka. Here containers could be a useful solution. Many institutions as well as the city authority can install a shipping container parking facility to convert the city into a smart one.

21. Gymnasiums

Shipping containers can be used as gymnasiums. These containers are incredibly strong and secure where anyone can store all types of gym equipment. The additional benefit of a container gym is it can be easily installed in any location.

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Creative Uses of Shipping Containers

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