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Highway construction refers to construction activities carried out onto a highway, including the act of locating, supervising, and mapping an area for a highway. The highway constructions are usually done by the state, local communities, or any agency specially designated for it. SIMEX Bangladesh is the leading infrastructure and construction company in Bangladesh. We are the preferred contractors for highway construction and road construction. We are having vast experience in the field of highway construction. We have completed several projects of highway in past and we are also running with the new highway projects.

Why Choose the Best Highway Construction Company

Highway construction companies play a fundamental part in the development of any country’s infrastructure, affecting the ability of people and goods to go their destination. Due to this, demand in the highway construction market is constrained basically by government projects, population growth, and the need to build and reparation of infrastructure. Important projects require the resources and ability of the biggest highway and road construction companies, firms that can plan and construct complex designs and road networks.

While some of the biggest highway construction companies have worldwide activities, every country has its own arrangement of industry pioneers. Countries with enormous actual distances to cover, growing populations, progressed infrastructure, and challenging environments have high demand for road and highway construction companies, and some of these markets are home to thousands or even huge number of contractors.

The highway construction market in Bangladesh has been on the rise for the past few years as urbanization and ownership vehicle is increasing, along with growing cargo transportation. As one of the renowned highway construction company in Bangladesh SIMEX Bangladesh completed many highway construction projects in 2019 to 2021. Private companies as well as we covered many Government project.

We perceive that every highway project is extraordinary. Our clients have specific requirements as far as specialized arrangements, operational coordination, public acknowledgment, and investment schemes. SIMEX Bangladesh is your best go-to partner whatever your highway project, from expressways to local roads and from metropolitan roads to public expressway or public-private partnership highways.

Why You Hire Us as Highway Construction Company in Bangladesh

If you are looking for a trustable company for highway construction, pair up with us and be assured of the best services at competitive prices. We put at your disposing of our designing abilities and years of experience to complete the specific work in the base conceivable time. We have a complete range of construction equipment required to perform the most complex highway construction tasks.

Our fleet of machinery incorporates tractors, excavator, piling rigs, rock breakers, and more. We give our construction equipment on rent all over Bangladesh. We are the one of the best companies in Bangladesh to provide infrastructure and construction services across all the country covering several major cities, small towns and villages. We are obsessive about our Safety 24/7 culture. Safety first is principal in every construction project we do. We expect every team member to be a safety leader by stopping any unsafe operation and taking personal responsibility for their own safety and the safety of those around them. We always offer our customer to stay safely in the construction site.

Our expert engineer teams will go with you from the plan period of your highway construction project to completion. You can depend on our safety, morals, and practical development approach to ensure the success to the achievement of your worksite as far as open acceptance and social responsibility. Factors like area, distance, soil condition, and the accessibility of materials can impact both the design and the conveyance. We promote and support eco-friendly highway design approaches and construction practices. Our internal processes shall facilitate cohesive design and recognition of eco-friendly opportunities in every highway construction project.

With our modern foundation and demonstrated specialized limit, we contribute to the achievement of extensive highway project operations, making highway projects easier and more proficient in collaboration with contractors. Our asphalt plan specialists and materials engineers will assist you with evaluating the correct solution as far as cost and administration conveyance for all project needs, including soil adjustment and remediation and fast repair solutions for highly trafficked highways. Our integrated offer for highway projects incorporates complete range of products and services, top tier site supply the board and expertise in project management.

We made our customer 100% satisfied with our services. They can choose us constructing a highway because-

Methods We Apply on Effective Highway Construction

There is a need for a smarter approach when it comes to highway construction. The type of road construction that is durable as well as cost effective. We follow several different types of highway construction methods and processes have evolved throughout the years and now we have the more number of options for highway construction. The type of surface material used in highway construction is mainly dependent on traffic volume, weight load and weather conditions. There is a strong desire to improve the use of materials currently used for highway construction and to seek advanced and high-quality materials that are inexpensive, better performing, and less damaging to the environment.

Highway Construction Services We Provides

National Highways

National highways run throughout the length and breadth of the country. These roads connect big cities to the national capital city. A minimum of two lanes, one for each direction is provided for National highways and these two lanes are divided by a strip of stones. The road network of Bangladesh consists of many national highways. SIMEX Bangladesh has a great experience on constructing national highways. We construct many national highways across Bangladesh.


Zilla Highways

Zilla highways are the classification for all secondary roads in Bangladesh. Zilla highways are paved or have hard packed surface highways. Zilla highways are more narrow in width than Regional Highways, can be hard to trace due the tree canopy adjacent to the highways. During seasonal flooding events Zilla highways can flood and become very muddy or impassable. For making Zilla highways we are renowned highway Construction Company in Bangladesh.

Urban Highways

Urban highways are limited-access, multi-lane divided roads in populated areas. They are designed to move motorized traffic over long distances at high speeds. Urban highways are located within an urban town planning zone. Urban highways are many types- Express way, Arterial streets, Sub-arterial streets, Collector streets, Local streets. From last few years, we are making more than hundreds of urban highways throughout the country. We construct urban highways with the best quality highway construction materials.


Rural Highways

Rural highways are well-defined as low traffic volume highways located in forested and rangeland settings that serve residential, recreational and resource management uses. They may have been constructed to relatively low standards with a limited budget. These highways lead to the nearest town and also connects to the important areas of the villages like temples, churches etc. For development of our country we always try to do our best. Constructing highways in rural areas are our one of the challenging project.

Our Working Procedure

For highways construction, SIMEX Bangladesh has more than 12 years of construction knowledge within ground works, drainage, utilities and the civil engineering sectors. Through our uplifting perspective on plans and our goal-oriented thoughts, we have built a reputation which we will continue to build on. We are committed to delivering to our clients a professional and no fuss service. We are pleased with the information and experience we have acquired and we are fully focused on being a market leader in the many years to come.

When our clients choose us for constructing a highway. We first arrange a meeting with them and hear about their plan about constructing the highway. After hearing from them, we discus with them what we can do or cannot do with their planning.

After the meeting and planning about the highway construction, we along with our clients go to the construction site for seeing the place where the highway will be construct. Visiting a real time construction project allows to develop a greater understanding of the highway construction. Based on the location, the highway design will be edited and developed.

The initial phase in any highway construction is appropriate planning and evaluating the necessities which is proposed to serve. Local traffic designs both current and future ought to be contemplated, and a cost-effective analysis should be performed by private organizations to ensure they will actually receive good value for their investment in construction.

The execution phase turns the construction plan into action. Our expert engineering team carries out all the planned activities, constructs deliverables, and presents them to project stakeholders. Effective communication plays a huge role during execution of the highway construction. We ensure that the budget stipulated in the planning stage that should be followed strictly.

Over time, traffic and environmental effects will damage highway surfaces, which require rehabilitation. Life expectation of highway construction and maintenance projects varies from country to country, but we always tries to monitoring the projects after successfully delivered that to our clients.

Trusted Highway Construction Company in Bangladesh

Make A Safe Deal With SIMEX Bangladesh

Ahad Azam

We have a very positive experience with SIMEX Bangladesh highway construction projects. Working with a skilled management team that is accommodating and sensitive to our needs. Their professionalism shows in management, quality of work and customer service. We are pleased!

Eng. Taniur Rahman

We wanted to express our appreciation for the excellent services that we received from SIMEX Bangladesh in the highway construction company in Bangladesh. The project was extremely successful and our personnel could not have been more pleased with their new work environment.

Mehbubh Mridha

It has been a real pleasure for us to have a highway construction company in BD, Like SIMEX Bangladesh. Your staff not only delivered the project within the time allotted but also helped us value engineer this facility to help keep the cost within budget. This was done without sacrificing quality.

Jibon Krishna Mondal

Every single highway construction project that SIMEX Bangladesh has completed that has been on time and on budget. The projects have also been completed just as they were designed with quality work. They truly have the right sense of highway construction and have become a valuable partner in our highway construction project.

Sajib Roy

During the course of our project, SIMEX Bangladesh maintained the highest standards of quality, value, professionalism, safety, and cleanliness. Our project was completed on schedule and under budget. When you work with SIMEX Bangladesh, you are getting a perfect partner and an advocate for your dreams and goals.

Afsana Liza

SIMEX Bangladesh is one of the best road construction company we've worked with. The entire team tactfully delivered the road construction project of exceptional quality while staying on schedule and under budget. We hope to work with SIMEX Bangladesh again in the near future!

Nipun Afrin

Thank you for helping us through the full road construction process, being kind, understanding, and always ready to accommodate our needs. We must say that SIMEX Bangladesh is one of the fastest growing road construction company in Bangladesh.

Joynal Mridha

We highly recommended SIMEX Bangladesh for buy bitumen for any construction work. For the best grade of bitumen we can rely on this company. This company gained the reputation for being the best bitumen supplier in Bangladesh.

Anish Ahmed

We get the best services from SIMEX Bangladesh for buying bitumen. They supply us the high-quality and best grade bitumen what we need for our project. We strongly suggest SIMEX Bangladesh for purchase bitumen as they are now called the best bitumen suppliers in Bangladesh.

Farhad Hossain

SIMEX Bangladesh is very professional! It can reasonably plan the installation of the asphalt plant according to our site conditions and patiently trained our operators. We have established a long-term business relationship with this company.

Showrav Pal

Satisfied with SIMEX Bangladesh’s asphalt batching plant machine. More importantly, price is moderate and acceptable! This machine can produce high quality asphalt mixture. Until now working well on construction site; long service life and stable performance!

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