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Scaffolding is a fundamental component regarding the construction, repair, and maintenance of buildings covering everything from a residential house to a multi-stored office block. Scaffolding permits construction workers to work securely and effectively at an incredible height, so it’s essential that the scaffolding structure itself is sturdy and secure. Scaffold, in building construction, the temporary stage used to hoist and support laborers and materials during the construction, repair, or cleaning of construction or machine; it comprises at least one board of helpful size and length, with different strategies for support, contingent upon the structure and use.

Indeed, scaffolding is a provisional system that is typically used to help the structure’s design, and simultaneously outline, it additionally fills in as a stage for the workers to do the construction works. In view of the type of construction work, the sort of scaffolding may vary. Scaffolding should be all around the assembled, firm, and strong to help workers and different other construction materials put on it. Scaffolding is typically comprised of wood or steel.

The type of scaffolding varies with the type of construction work. Scaffolding Supplier in Bangladesh has various types of scaffolding. The different most-used types of scaffolding in construction are given below:

Single scaffolding

Single scaffolding is generally used for brick masonry and is also called brick layer’s scaffolding. Single scaffolding comprises guidelines, records, putlogs, and so forth, which are corresponding to the divider ways off of about 1.2 m. The difference between the guidelines is around 2 to 2.6 m. Records associate all standards with a vertical gap of 1.3 to 1.6 m. Putlogs are normally taken out from the apparent distinction left in the divider to one finish of the records. Putlogs will in general be put at a space of 1.3 to 1.6 m.

Double scaffolding

Double Scaffolding is normally used for stone masonry so; it is additionally called mason’s scaffolding. In stone walls, it is hard to make holes in the wall to support putlogs. So, two rows of scaffolding are constructed to make it strong. The first row is 20-30 cm away from the wall and the other one is 1m away from the main row. Then, at that point, putlogs are set which are upheld by the two edges. To make it more strong rakes and cross braces are provided. This is also called independent scaffolding.

Cantilever scaffolding

In this sort of scaffolding, the principles are built up by a series of needles, and these needles are generally drawn out by means of holes in the walls. This is the reason it is known as single frame scaffolding. Needles are typically supported inside the ground through the holes, and this is known as the double or independent frame scaffold type. When fabricating a cantilever platform, care and consideration should be taken.

Kwikstage scaffolding

Another sort of platform is the Kwikstage scaffolding. Known for its simple installation, the Kwikstage scaffolding is made from hard-wearing galvanized steel and it is widely used in both major and minor construction projects. It is made using a protected and strong interlocking framework so it can give a versatile working platform that can be modified by any ideal platform. Kwikstage is a kind of modular scaffolding system

Suspended scaffolding

In suspended scaffolding, the working stage is suspended from rooftops with the help of wire ropes or chains, and so on; it very well may be raised or brought down to our necessary level. This kind of scaffolding is used for fix works, pointing, artworks, and so on.

The Trestle scaffolding

A foundation of working for workers is supported on versatile scaffold sheets or stands. This type of scaffolding consumes a height of 5m, and it is generally used for work in small spaces such as rooms or halls for paintings or repairing and designing.

Steel scaffolding

Steel scaffolding is made of durable steel pipes that are connected jointly by steel couplers. This sort is not difficult to destroy and assemble. This scaffolding has better strength and more prominent sturdiness with unique imperviousness to fire resistance. Despite the fact that it isn't prudent price-wise, it gives better security for workers.

Patented scaffolding

Patented or protected scaffolding is additionally fabricated from steel which are available in the market; having said that; they're outfitted with explicit edges and couplings, and so on. The greater part of these is ready-made scaffoldings that are accessible available. A stage for working is based on the mounting sections which are exclusively fit for the necessary levels.

Scaffolding Tools


Several scaffolding tools are necessary to properly erect scaffold sections and secure them in place. Here are some of the different types of scaffolding tools:

  1. Podgers
  2. Levels
  3. Socket Sets
  4. Hammers
  5. Claw Hammer
  6. Ratchet Wrenches
  7. Crescent Wrenches
  8. Safety Harness & Lanyard

The Importance of Scaffolding during Construction

Scaffolding is installed at the absolute starting point of any construction project or support work. It is a transitory stage that offers support, height, and empowers laborers to convey materials and lead their work during the construction process; this can incorporate however isn’t restricted to, fixes and cleaning. Most importantly, scaffolding is raised preceding construction work to guarantee the security of the specialists while the structure is being kept up or constructed. Close by this, it likewise gives a level of help to the standing design.

1. It’s Efficient: Scaffolding improves the efficiency of any construction job

2. It Ensures Safety: Scaffolding platforms provide a safe and secure setting for builders to carry out their tasks while working at a considerable height.

3. Easy To Access: Scaffolding provides builders and workers with access to parts of buildings

4. Prime Position for Workers: scaffolding places them in a strategic position to carry out their work.

Uses of Scaffolding

Scaffolding is an integral part of the construction industry. Let’s see some uses of scaffolding-

1. Scaffolding is used for the construction and repair of different types of projects – ranging from simple residential buildings to complex industrial constructions.

2. It allows builders to safely erect high-rise buildings and/ or carry out necessary repairs and maintenance of any structure or building.

3. Scaffolding also ensures fast completion of the construction work needed, whilst guaranteeing the safety of workers and the general public.

4. That is why it is important to hire an experienced and credible scaffolding contractor.

Best Scaffolding Supplier in Bangladesh

When you want to hire a scaffolding supplying company to handle your project, you need a reliable company that can carry out your all the construction work with professionalism and expertise. Before you choose a company, you have to be sure they are the right company for the work and can deliver the service you require.

SIMEX Bangladesh is a scaffolding supplier of various types of high-quality scaffolding and accessories. We sell Cuplock, Ringlock, Shoring, and related scaffold components to refineries, shipyards, construction companies, scaffold rental outfits, scaffolding suppliers, and all end users that utilize scaffolding equipment. We pride ourselves on quality, consistency, available stock and customer service. We are the most demanding Scaffolding Supplier in Bangladesh, which is the best supplier of scaffolding and related accessories to some of the largest and most well-known multi-craft construction companies that exist today.

We understand that having a diverse scaffold inventory with high stock levels are necessary in this industry, so we have fully stocked in Dhaka with the most popular scaffold components including Ringlock, Cuplock, and Shoring related equipment. Our scaffold storage in Dhaka is conveniently located on the east side and is accessible from all of the major highways intersecting in and out of the city.


Mullah Enterprise is recognized as a premier scaffolding supplier and manufacturer, strategically located in Demra, Dhaka, Bangladesh. With its commitment to quality and safety, the company has established a strong reputation in the construction industry.

Mullah Enterprise specializes in providing a wide range of scaffolding products sale, rent, and services, tailored to meet the specific needs of various construction projects. Their products are known for their durability, stability, and compliance with safety standards, making them a reliable choice for builders and contractors.

The strategic location in Dhaka enables efficient distribution and accessibility to clients throughout the region. Through continuous innovation and customer-focused services, Mullah Enterprise has become a leading name in the scaffolding supply sector in Bangladesh.


Dhaka Scaffolding stands out as the premier scaffolding company in Bangladesh, offering comprehensive solutions for the construction and renovation industries. They excel in the sale, rental, and buy-back of all types of scaffolding items, catering to a wide range of project needs.

Their commitment to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction has positioned them as a top choice among contractors and builders. The company’s versatile services ensure that clients have access to high-quality scaffolding materials, whether for short-term or long-term projects.

Dhaka Scaffolding’s dedication to providing cost-effective and efficient scaffolding solutions makes them a go-to provider for construction projects across the nation. Their expertise and comprehensive service offering have earned them a reputation as the best scaffolding company in Bangladesh.

Why Choose Us as the Best Scaffolding Supplier

Everyone wants to do their work with the best and highest ranked Scaffolding Supplier in Bangladesh. SIMEX Bangladesh is known as one of the leading scaffolding supplier companies in Bangladesh. With the skills and resources to take on the largest commercial projects in anywhere in Bangladesh, we have taken care of scaffolding for major commercial projects across the country.

We have long-standing relationships with many clients who choose us for a multitude of reasons. Here, we share some insight so you can understand the benefits of choosing SIMEX Bangladesh’s Scaffolding Services.

SIMEX Bangladesh is a full-administration scaffolding company that gives scaffolding and shoring erection and dismantles services to our customers. We are known in Dhaka and its encompassing areas for reliable product quality, reliability, reasonable costs, and a high degree of skilled worker and customer service that accompanies our years of experience.

We offer our service to private people, nearby specialists, businesses and business areas, industries and commercial sectors, and house building construction sites. Our team is profoundly prepared and ensured to deal with your scaffolding needs, be it a difficult to-arrive at region or something basic.

They are also consistent with our exacting wellbeing and security strategy and quality guidelines. With more than 12 years’ experience added to our repertoire, we have had the option to procure an abundance of knowledge and information that empowers us to ensure our customers, their clients, and individuals from people in general.

Our scaffolding service is at the center of our business. We own all our stock, we don’t hire in. This implies that we can minimize expenses for you and can offer quicker response times for projects. Our scaffolding storage is used to store tremendous measures of scaffolding tools, giving us a huge enough ability to do ventures of any extension. We invite visits to see our tasks, arrangement, and stock holding.

Our outstanding services cover the whole of Bangladesh and involve successfully working on both residential and commercial projects with our best scaffolding tools.

So, let’s see what things made us the foremost Scaffolding Supplier in Bangladesh and why customer choose us for any type of scaffolding tools-

  • Over 12 years in the Construction Sector
  • Highly respected local company
  • Very knowledgeable
  • Suppliers of Domestic, Commercial, and
  • Industrial scaffolding
    Local authority approved
  • Complies with the latest health and safety regulations and codes of practice.
  • Covering scaffolding demand of all over the country
  • Highly trained and experienced staff
  • Highest safety standards achieved
  • Helpful advice and guidance
  • Security scaffolding
  • Full design service
  • Emergency scaffolding provided day or night
  • Highly competitive pricing

Scaffolding Service We Provide

Provide System Solution

SIMEX Bangladesh has extensive experience in the field of scaffolding, and we can provide customers with technical solutions for scaffolding for their construction projects. These include engineering scaffolding calculations, recommendations for products in different areas of Bangladesh, etc.

Supply Chain with Complementary Products

SIMEX Bangladesh is a leader in the field of supplying scaffoldings. We not only supply scaffolding, but also have good cooperation with many factories of building materials. Usually, we can provide customers with a complete set of scaffolding.

Help Solve Customs Clearance and Other Issues

SIMEX Bangladesh has very rich experience in supplying scaffolding; we are familiar with our supplying process and customs requirements of various areas of Bangladesh.

Our Ways of Working

Our methods or ways of working were set up to make greatness in all that we do. We have a simple arrangement of processes, standards, and guidelines set up for everybody inside the SIMEX Bangladesh Scaffolding Services team, guaranteeing that our exclusive requirements are constantly met, bringing about a better experience for our customers.

Our valuable customers directly benefit from our ways of working. These are some of our most integral standards:

1. Excellent timekeeping so work begins on time.

2. Every scaffolding laborer keeps sites tidy and takes pride in their work.

3. We agree on a program of works to provide full clarity.

4. The correct Scaffolding Services uniform and personal protective equipment are worn at all times.

5. We are also supplying a set of scaffolding tools according to customer’s requirement and ensure the products quality.

Available Scaffolding Tools

Getting to know the different types of scaffolding tools available to us and their uses can help ensure that all scaffolding is erected as safely and securely as possible. At SIMEX Bangladesh, we offer a wide range of scaffold equipment and tools as we are renowned as the best scaffolding supplier in Bangladesh.


1. Base Jack (MS Metal Non-Coated):
2. Base Plate Fixed type
3. Bottom out Rigger
4. Catwalk Board
5. Construction Props -CT Props Height 13 Feet
6. Cross Bracing
7. Double Coupler (Fixed) China
8. External Pipe Joint Box / Sleeves Coupler British Standard
9. Fixed Coupler British Standard (Forged Metal)
10. Frame Scaffolding
11. Frame Scaffolding Set
12. Girder Clamp / Beam Clamp British Standard (Forged Metal)
13. Internal Pipe Joint Pin
14. Ladder Frame Scaffolding
15. Metal Plank Board (Non Sleepers Hot Galvanize)
16. Scaffold Tube / Pipe (Mild Steel – MS)
17. Scaffold Tube / Pipe (Galvanize- GI)
18. Scaffolding Inspection Tag Holder with Insert Card
19. Scaffolding Vertical Monkey Ladder
20. Staircase (Ladder with Hand Rail)
21. Swivel Coupler (Bracing) China
22. Swivels / Moving Coupler British Standard (Forged Metal)
23. Top Guard Rail
24. U-HEAD JACK (MS Metal Non Coated)
25. Joint Pin

Our Key Selling Points

Personalized and attentive service: Our clients expect a personal and attentive service from us, and we deliver it.

Elegant scaffolding solutions: Our scaffolding is the type of scaffolding you want to see on your construction work.

Attention to health and safety: Health and safety is integral to all we do whatever in scaffolding service.

Fair and transparent pricing: We have a very affordable set of pricing and do all we can to minimize variations.

Excellence in quality: Everyone is occupied with our main goal and responsibility for accomplishing magnitude.

Easy to work with: We have the right people, technology, innovation, and processes to ensure client satisfaction.

Our Scaffolding Supplying Procedures

Whenever you need scaffolding to provide easy access, or you need a solid, level structure to work from, SIMEX Bangladesh has you covered. We offer a range of scaffolding supplies in Bangladesh to hire on a short- or long-term basis. The scaffolding products we supply are manufactured to the highest standards for extra durability and to ensure you feel confident using it. Our customers are 100% satisfied with our products and how we deal with them when they want to buy scaffolding tools from us.

Before buying any type of scaffolding tools first thing we suggest a customer please visit our website and check properly what is in our stock or not.

If the choosing product is available in our stock, then contact us instantly for the confirmation or knowing more about the product you choose.

After that, we inform the customer and arrange an offline or online meeting with them.

If all the things about buying the scaffolding tool are final, we send them the price of the scaffolding tool.

When everything will be finalized, we have a very fast delivery system. But if customer wants to get the container by their own delivery system, we also appreciate that.

We occasionally visit for maintaining the scaffolding even after the final delivery. If there is any problem, we fix it.


Trusted Scaffolding Supplier in Bangladesh

Make A Safe Deal With SIMEX Bangladesh

Anis Ali

Completely happy with my purchase of 2 Construction Props -CT Props Height 13 Feet. So happy that I'm purchasing two more. Web site uncluttered, fast and simple. Most important for me was the ability to tune delivery which they did without any issue. Good product, delivered to my door, even during the pandemic.

Jamil Hossain

Communication was very good and cross bracing was delivered without any problems. The order was complete and the all parts were of excellent quality. I will definitely use again.

Pintu Shikder

SIMEX Bangladesh is an excellent company. Very quick delivery. They also saw that I ordered different sizes of double coupler (Fixed) and double checked with me, in case I made a mistake on ordering. 5 star on everything!!

Sumon Mondal

Excellent customer service one of the best services I've used through the pandemic. Quick to answer the phone and to resolve any issues I had. Will definitely recommend and buying more External Pipe Joint Box / Sleeves Coupler British Standard from this company in the future.

Nasir Ali Mondal

I placed quite order with these company because I found their prices to be very reasonable. The order was placed on Saturday evening and by Monday morning I got my Fixed Coupler British Standard (Forged Metal). Very unexpected and excellent service.

Zannatil Ferdous

I would just like to say that compared with your competitors your level of customer service and quality of Frame Scaffolding is excellent and I received the products on time and top quality. Thanks very much and I will call again as soon as we need additional equipment.

Imran Khan

Thanks for your help recently on the Frame Scaffolding Set. It is definitely the strongest I've used over years in the construction industry. The frames are very solid when working with this compared to some of the thinner walled frames I've previously used!

Shaikat Azad

I received my Ladder Frame Scaffolding delivery on time this morning, so I again wanted to tell you thanks for your help in setting up the Ladder Frame Scaffolding for me. That is what won the business for you - try before you buy. Thanks for your help, you made it easy dealing with your company.

Mazharul Islam

Extremely impressed with SIMEX Bangladesh scaffolding products like Scaffold Tube / Pipe (Mild Steel – MS). Excellent service, very professional, competent and efficient. They have helped my project and Ops out at a moment’s notice. I can always rely on them. Thank you.

Benzir Ahmed

Very good service - I first asked for advice and technical details about Scaffold Tube / Pipe (Galvanize- GI) before ordering. The items were delivered on time and exceeded my expectations on quality - really pleased and without hesitation I would be very happy to use them again in the future.

Abdur Latif

SIMEX Bangladesh’s scaffolding service have offered me a reliable service for years, and are always my first port of call if I want a quick response, competitive pricing and no hidden charges. Their engineers are always polite, knowledgeable and well-presented and the access is always exactly what I need. I would highly recommend their services to anyone. Now, they are the best Scaffolding Supplier in Bangladesh.

Sahed Uddin Molla

Excellent Scaffolding Supplier in Bangladesh! I ordered 2 scaffold poles and 2 end caps for a shade sail project. It turned out I’d ordered the wrong end caps so someone phoned me to let me know and add the correct things to my order. Everything arrived the next day. Absolutely couldn’t fault this company! Customer service at its best.

Sheikh Munshi

Reliable, polite, well-mannered operatives with a good service from start to finish. Competitive pricing and job completed on time. Would highly recommend SIMEX Bangladesh, the best Scaffolding Rental service in Bangladesh and use again without question.

Tanzim Ahmed

Service was great, fantastic communication, and great care was taken to my person property in the gardens. Thank you SIMEX Bangladesh. Would highly recommend this best Scaffolding Rental service in Bangladesh.

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