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Steel is notable for providing structure and strength dissimilar to some others in regard to construction. The strength and intensity that steel gives aren’t coordinated by any semblance of wood or cement. Usually, it’s the situation that steel is the material of choice for construction, and people incline toward steel because of its different benefits. From small to high level business, steel structured building is most important nowadays and they are trying to reach at the best steel building construction company in Bangladesh.  Steel frame regularly comprises a vertical column and horizontal beams which are bolted blasted or welded together in a rectilinear lattice. Steel beams are even underlying individuals that oppose loads applied along the side to their axis. Columns are upward underlying vertical structural member’s compressive loads. It is used to shape the skeleton of a structure.

A steel structure building is a kind of building produced using fabricated metal; principally steel for both its inner support and its outside material. The steel frame is used for horizontal beams and vertical columns and they are pivoted together through a welding cycle or strong rivets and bolts. The steel beams that are placed horizontally should deal with loads that are placed on its access, while the vertical steel columns are used to deal with a portion of the compressive burden dispensed on it. This is perhaps the most reliable primary structure considering its capacity to withstand substantial loads. The steel construction can be used for an assortment of utilizations, not only for buildings. They can also assemble spans and different foundations like airport terminals and industrial plants.

Steel structures will be fabricated using different casings as well, for instance, clear span, modular and single slope. Because of how steel is easier and less tedious regarding working, alongside its different variables that have shown invaluable, steel, nowadays, has gotten the most pursued method of constructing structures. With steel, we can make structures like no other material regarding construction. No other material has the intensity and sturdiness that steel does. Primary steel has without a doubt gotten the favored decision for construction because of the distinct advantages it has. The structures that are produced using steel require different primary frames.

Types of Steel Structure Construction

There are various types of steel frame construction which include:

Conventional Steel Fabrication

Conventional steel fabrication includes cutting steel members to the right length and welding them to construct the ultimate design. This construction process might be executed nearby totally which requires massive labor. For best outcomes, it is done in a workshop halfway to give better working conditions and lessen work-time.

Single Slope Frames

With the wave heights of the sidewall taller than the rest of the structure, it makes a slanting impact that beginnings on the front and goes to the back. Constructors can make it as more extreme as they normally like. It is normally used in workplaces, shopping structures, and little stockpiling structures. It also includes sections like modular frames. This sort of frame can be useful for little to medium-sized structures. The sloping plan of the rooftop structure additionally makes it look all the more stylishly satisfying.

Modular Frames

This is not the same as clear span frames as it has inside sections that offer additional support to a construction. Since it helps equitably disseminate the load, it can get a good deal on the establishment and the foundation of the construction. Modular frames are considered a decent choice for greater and more extensive structures, particularly those that are over 80' wide.

Bolted Steel Construction

In this method, all structural steel members are created and painted off-site, then, at that point conveyed to the construction site, lastly rushed set up. The size of the steel structural members is constrained by the size of the truck or trailer used to convey steel components. Regularly, the most extreme length of 6mm is adequate for a typical truck and 12m for the long trailer. Bolted steel construction is significantly quick in light of the fact that lifting the steel members into place and shooting is generally the works that should be executed on the construction site. It is viewed as the most favored construction approach on the grounds that the majority of the creation should be possible in workshops, with the right machinery, lighting, and work conditions.

Light Gauge Steel Construction

Light gauge steel is a flimsy sheet (generally range between 1-3mm) of steel that has been twisted into shape to frame C-sections or Z-sections. It is comprehensively normal and used for the construction of private and little structures. Advantages that light gauge steel construction give incorporate plan adaptability, high construction speed, solid, lightweight, simple to rebuild, Recyclable, great Quality (tough and low in maintenance).

Clear span Frames

For a long time now, clear span frames have substantiated themselves as perhaps the most dependable in the construction industry because of their adaptability, solidness, and strength. They are additionally prudent to set up, which is the reason it is, by and large, liked by people who are on a tight budget. This kind of steel frame can abandon inside help, extraordinary for greater and more far-reaching regions like stockrooms and industrial facilities. Any kind of building or storage space can profit from the use of clear span frames. It is also flexible because it very well may be apportioned to suit the requirements of the clients. There are no load-bearing dividers to consider; henceforth the capacity to revamp the design of the space contingent upon what is required.

Steel Structure Building Design

There are three fundamental steel structure building designs and strategies to look over. The first is the Simple Design structure. This is the most essential and the most customary plan of steel constructions and one that is usually used by organizations. This type of design is the best regarding opposing horizontal loads. Some type of support is used to give greater dependability and security against swaying. Concrete cores can be added for multi-story structures. When setting up a Simple Design steel structure, it is iterative that workers for hire comprehend joint reaction. Since the joints are the ones that hold the construction setup, it needs to offer the most help.


Another type of design is known as Continuous Design. In this type of design, the joints are made more unbending so that there is an equilibrium move of second to the members. The frame activity, for example, the sections and the shaft twists are the ones that give solidness to the casing and security against sway. In this type of design, computer programs and software are usually used to set up the plan since it is regularly more complex. The third type is the Semi-Continuous Design. It’s the most perplexing kind of design because of the fact that there is a more practical representation of the structure’s joint response. It needs advanced computer programs to determine connection behaviors.

Features and applications of the standard type of steel building structures

Portal frame structure: Portal frame structure has basic force, clear force transmission way, and quick construction speed. It is broadly used in mechanical and common buildings, for example, modern, industrial, commercial, cultural, and entertainment public facilities
The unbending portal frame is a structure wherein beams and columns are inflexibly related. It has the qualities of simple structure, lightweight, sensible pressure, and basic construction. Hence, it is generally used in industrial, commercial, agricultural, and Institutional Buildings.

Steel Building Frame Structures: Steel Building Frame Structures are adaptable and can shape a bigger space. It is generally used in the multi-story, skyscraper, and super high-rise buildings, commercial office buildings, conference centers, and other buildings

Steel Truss Structure: The steel truss structure is comprised of a several rods pivoted at the both finishes of every rod. It very well may be divided into tube truss and angle steel truss. As per the parts section, it tends to be partitioned into tube truss and angle steel truss. The truss is for the most part made out of the upper chord, lower chord, vertical rod, askew web, and inter-truss support. The measure of steel used in trusses is not exactly that of strong web beams, the structural weight is lighter, and the rigidity is more noteworthy.
The benefit of Steel Truss Structure is that little cross-section rods can be used to shape bigger cross-section parts, which are regularly used in modern and civil structures like rooftops, bridges, TV towers, pole towers, production platforms, tower corridors, and so on, with enormous spans or heights in the building.

Steel Grid Structure: The Steel Grid Structure is a high-order statically uncertain space structure made out of numerous s rods indicated by specific principles. The space is little in force, light in weight, unbending, and has great seismic opposition. It very well may be used as a gymnasium, exhibition hall, rain Roofs of buildings such as canopies, and hangars.

Steel Frame Construction Details

A steel structure building is made up of different components. Here are the basics steel frame construction details that most designs use:

A steel structure building is made up of different components. Here are the basics steel frame construction details that most designs use:

To help the steel frame, there ought to be a strong foundation. The kind of foundation that will be used will rely upon the bearing limit of the soil. Project workers typically recruit soil investigators to investigate both the surface and the subsurface of the ground to decide how the steel frame will rest.
A strip foundation is required if there is simply a low to direct load. This type of foundation can bear transferred loads. In any case, if the soil strength isn’t adequate and there is a requirement for an enormous load, contractor ought to select a pile foundation. This type of foundation will disperse the heaviness of the load from the design into the soil.

When the foundation has been laid out, steel columns will be put straightaway. The type of steel column that will be used will also rely upon the forced load. These are normally pre-assembled. When introduced, there must be a strong connection between the column and the foundation. Toward the finish of the column, square or rectangular molded base plates are used to build up its connection with the foundation. These shapes are ordinarily favored on the grounds that they give more sufficient and adjusted separating for the bolts.

Steel beams are normally used for multi-story structures. The shafts are depended on for load move from the rooftop to the floor through the columns. Steel beam range is anywhere between the range of 3m and 9m yet can go as high as 18m for taller and broader structure.
The steel beams require a connection from column to beam just as beam to beam. Depending on the type of load that will be triggered, there are various connections for the column to beam. If the joints are for the most part holding vertical loads, an easier type of connection will suffice. That can include the use of double angle cleat or a flexible end plate. Yet, for vertical loads that also include torsion force, more complex joint systems that make use of full depth end plate connections should be used.

It may be installed simultaneously as the erection of the beams. The floor system additionally helps in supporting the design’s vertical load. Notwithstanding, they can also bear a portion of the brunt from horizontal loads with the support of bracings. A portion of the normal kinds of floor frameworks used for steel structure are pieces and thin floor beams. They can be joined with composite materials too.

Bracing helps deflect lateral force. It additionally moves a portion of the parallel loads from the structure to the column. The column will then, at that point moves it to the foundation.
For the cladding, there are various types of materials to browse contingent upon how building owners need it to resemble. Sheet cladding is usually used in light of the fact that it tends to be handily introduced and has a modern nearby. It additionally gives plentiful protection to within the construction. Brick cladding can be a smart option also. It has better protection properties that can redirect heat in the summer.


Steel Frame Construction Advantages and Disadvantages

There are numerous reasons why you ought to select a steel frame construction. In the first place, it is tough and adaptable. It very well may be used for building more modest structures however can also be used for more extensive and broader spaces like warehouse. It is all the more harmless to the ecosystem since steel can keep going for quite a while and it is manufactured. You don’t need to source materials like wood to construct the structure. It’s more reasonable and introduces effectively, diminishing the personal time of numerous organizations.

In short we can say about the advantages of the steel frame construction are-

  • Incredibly versatile
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Sustainable
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Erect quickly and easily
  • High strength
  • Relatively low weight
  • Ability to span large distances
  • Adaptability to any kind of shape


One drawback to steel frame construction is its high warmth conductivity. Steel is a decent conductor of warmth, so in the late spring and summer season, it can get very hot except if the structure is protected. Steel can likewise be inclined to consumption when low quality steel material is used.

Steel Building Construction Company in Bangladesh

SIMEX Bangladesh has been supplying fabricated structural steel and plate works for major power & desalination plants, petrochemical plants, oil & gas sector, cement plants, steel mills, high-rise building projects as well as other industrial and commercial complexes.

We utilizes the latest engineering software’s for Structural Steel Analysis, Connection Design, Shop Drawings Preparation and state-of-the-art Computer Numerical Coded (CNC) equipment for fabrication. The latest Radio Frequency (RF) bar coding system is also used for fabricated material tracking, control and shipping.

Furthermore, SIMEX Bangladesh is proud to be the most demanded steel structure building company in Bangladesh, meeting the quality certification requirements for the Standard for Steel Building structures by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), USA. SIMEX Bangladesh has gained the confidence of the major international EPC contractor and has made its customers believe.

All connected digitally through BIM, SIMEX Bangladesh steel building solutions include architectural, engineering, manufacturing, construction and project management of steel dominated projects.

SIMEX Bangladesh is poised to deliver the steel advantage to its customers in its richest form and at the lowest possible cost. SIMEX Bangladesh offers a unique combination of consulting plus contracting model by assisting its customer right through inception of the project. Team SIMEX Bangladesh helps you conceptualize your functional requirement and tailor the solutions best suited to your project.

SIMEX Bangladesh’s sales advisors and the affiliates – the architects, trade engineers and construction professionals, all work together closely with customers to plan, design, build and manage the projects and meet unusually high standards of Time, Quality, and Cost.


Steel Building Construction Services We Offer

SIMEX Bangladesh’s state of the art shop fabrication facilities are home to one of Bangladesh’s best trained structural steel fabrication experts. With two major fabrication facilities, SIMEX Bangladesh sustains production levels that few competitors can imitate. Our services for this division include:-

Pre-Construction Design and Budgeting

SIMEX Bangladesh offers its clients pre-construction design and budgeting to help construct their construction plan consequently. We have a proven track record of saving our clients’ money as well as time when we are included in the early stages of a project as we are able to influence our past project experience to offer a thorough analysis of the project.

Design Build

Our in-house engineering team uses the latest technology and advanced design & detailing Software to deliver the most cost effective steel designs possible. By participating in pre-construction design meetings and providing budgeting along the way, we provide our clients with the most economic turnkey solutions for their structural steel needs. We also use reliable design software for structural analysis and design.


Our fabrication facilities are state of the art and are equipped with automatic beam welding lines, CNC oxy-acetylene and plasma cutting and special pipe profiling machines that accept data directly from three dimensional detailing systems.


SIMEX Bangladesh has erected some of the most complex steel structures in Bangladesh’s history and that’s the reason we are the leading steel building construction company in Bangladesh. Hence leads the way when it comes to generating efficient or creative methodologies for erecting your project.

Our Dealing Procedure

For supplying steel structure or steel building, SIMEX Bangladesh has more than 12 years of knowledge in the civil engineering sectors. Through our uplifting perspective on plans and our goal-oriented thoughts, we have built a good reputation in construction of steel building. We are committed to delivering to our clients a professional and no fuss service. We are pleased with the information and experience we have acquired and we are fully focused on being a market leader in the many years to come.

When we find potential customers and determine whether they have a need for construction steel structure—and whether they can afford what we offer. Evaluating whether the customers need to construct steel structure from us and can afford it is known as qualifying.

Secondly, we make an initial contact with the potential customer, researching the market and collecting all relevant information regarding our steel structure. At this point, we develop our sales presentation and tailor it to our potential client’s particular requirements for steel building.

After taking all the preparation of construction of steel structure, we make first contact with our client. Sometimes this is a face-to-face meeting, sometimes it’s over the phone. There are three common approach methods we apply-

1. Premium approach: Sometimes we presenting our potential client with a gift at the beginning of our interaction.

2. Question approach: Asking a question to get the prospect interested.

3. Product approach: Giving the prospect a sample or a free trial to review and evaluate our service.

When we prepare a presentation, we actively demonstrate how our steel structure will be and meet the needs of our potential customer. The word presentation implies using PowerPoint and giving a sales spiel, but it doesn’t always have to be that way—we actively listen to our customer’s needs and then act and react accordingly.

Perhaps the most underrated sales process of us is handling customers’ objections. This is where we listen to our prospect’s concerns and address them. Successfully handling objections and alleviating concerns separates good salespeople from bad and great from good.

In the closing stage, we get the decision from the client to move forward. Depending on our business, we will try one of these three closing techniques.

1. Alternative choice close: Assuming the sale and offering the prospect a choice, where both options close the sale—for example, “Will you be paying the whole fee up front or in installments?” or “Will that be cash or charge?”

2. Extra inducement close: Offering something extra to get the prospect to close, such as a free month of service or a discount.

3. Standing room only close: Creating urgency by expressing that time is of the essence—for example, “The price will be going up after this month” or “We only have six spots left”.

Once we have closed the sale, our job is not done. The follow-up stage keeps us in contact with customers we have closed. And since retaining current customers is six to seven times less costly than acquiring new ones, maintaining relationships key.

Trusted steel building construction company in Bangladesh

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Jibon Kumar

It gives us immense pleasure to certify that SIMEX Bangladesh has done a commendable job on our project. The cooperation, diligence & dedication demonstrated by your team have been noticed. Their punctuality made them the most demanding steel building construction company in Bangladesh. We would like to thank them for their significant contribution to our division’s success & we look forward to do business with you again in future.

Mithun Sana

The quality of work and attention to details displayed throughout the steel building project at every level was brilliant. We’re convinced that SIMEX Bangladesh can handle a project of any magnitude. We will not hesitate to recommend the leading steel building construction in Bangladesh to others.

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Ayub Hasan

This steel building from SIMEX Bangladesh turned out great! I had someone stop by during the build to look at it and mentioned they were interested in SIMEX Bangladesh after calling some other companies like I regrettably had done. I’m very satisfied with this leading steel building construction company in Bangladesh. Thank you for making the price, process of purchase, and delivery very simple.

Ashutosh Mondol

The steel building has been going together perfectly and everything fits surprisingly well! As someone in the engineering and design field, I have to say that you must have a very good, conscientious design team and a good QA process for the drawings and construction, especially considering this was a one-off, custom design. I would highly recommended SIMEX Bangladesh as the leading steel building construction company in Bangladesh.

Joydeb Krishna

We have been extremely pleased with the steel buildings as is evidenced by our third purchase. The buildings are easy to erect, made from solid components and durable. They are the perfect solution for constructing steel building being the best steel building company in Bangladesh. Thanks again for all your help and fast action in getting the buildings to us.

PotiRam Mondal

SIMEX Bangladesh was very good to deal with especially working with the expert team, always returned phone calls and answered emails in a timely fashion. They was very patient, once I sent them foundation pictures and permit information they arrived with the steel building in about three weeks later to my surprise and I couldn't say enough good things about the installation crew, very polite and professional not to mention craftsmanship! Would certainly buy from the leading steel building company in Bangladesh again!

Sabur Gazi

I had access issues and they guided me through all my options and were super friendly. I am a complete satisfied with this stuff so it was great to have someone lead me through all of it and be so responsive. SIMEX Bangladesh gain my trust on steel structure and being the best steel structure construction company in Bangladesh they provide the best service to their clients.

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The SIMEX Bangladesh team was excellent in all aspects. Their response time on questions and changes was hours not days. I picked the steel structure up at their warehouse; they were very accommodating and helpful. This is a top notch steel structure building company as far as I'm concerned!!!

Foyzullah Khan

SIMEX Bangladesh personnel made the process of designing and ordering my dream arena easy and efficient. The steel structure installation crew was unbelievable! They came early and stayed late until the structure was done. The structure is sturdy and attractive. I highly recommend SIMEX Bangladesh as the best steel structure building company in Bangladesh.

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