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Sheet Piles are common types of land retaining structures made up of individual sheet piles and driven underground. A vertical set of unendingly interlocked piles forms a versatile vertical wall referred to as a sheet pile. It is light in weight and don’t need dewatering, they can hold earth pressures and might tolerate giant deformations. It serves as a supporting wall that has been driven during a slope or creek to support soft soil slides from high to low ground. Most of the sheet pile supplier in Bangladesh are professional to export quality products. The thought of pile is pretty easy, where a wall or siding has to be command back, it is impacted into the land at preset intervals. With vibratory or impact hammers, the sheets are driven into the soil. Sometimes, they’ll be installed with hydraulic presses.


Sheet piles are made with many types of strong materials. Mainly sheet piles are made with steel, timber, vinyl, polymeric, aluminum, precast concrete, etc. Usually, the material used to make piling sheets is steel, but wood, vinyl, timber, polymeric, aluminum; precast concrete sheets are also used at times. The concept is to design narrow, interconnecting sheets that can be connected and driven into the underground. Durability and strength are defined by the shape and materials of the sheet pile.

For sheet pile installation, there are two basic driving methods – pitch drive and panel driving. For a successful sheet pile driving there has Some key elements are using for making successful the sheet piling process. These elements are- topographical features, geological situations, using the most perfect type of sheet section, and the appropriate choice of driving hammer.

Engineers apply some methods for sheet piling. Vibrating, impact driving; hydraulic pushing, jetting, and trenching are the most common methods of installing steel sheet piles.

We have considered many issues, installing the sheet piles including:

Engineers and constructors follow some basic installation steps for install sheet piles. The sheet piling installation steps are –

From the path of the retaining wall, underground services are diverted first.

Choose the best machinery for installing the sheet piles in the ground.
According to the best methodology, noise levels and vibration levels are measured and assessed.

For every alternate sheet installed, holes will be drilled to 12m depth.
An A-frame pile guide will be placed vertically above the holes to guide the sheet piles into position.

In 6m long sections, the wall will be placed. Each section will be partially driven into the ground. These sheets will be left sticking 5m above ground, just above the A-frame pile guide.

Hydraulics is used to push the sheets for installing sheet piles into place if vibrations are prohibited at that particular site.

To start the next 6m section of the wall, the pile guide and first crane will then be moved along.

The first section of sheets is driven by a second crane all the way into the ground. Reducing the overall time a team of two cranes will take to install the sheet pile.

Then repeat the process until the wall is completed.

And the last step for installing a sheet pile is Using connector elements to maintain the integrity of the wall is the last step of installing a sheet pile if it requires complex shapes.

Mainly, how many sheet piles will install a day totally depends on the condition of the soil. There is a matter of low-tide and high-tide, the ground is solid or soft.

If there is low tide, it is difficult to install a sheet pile. In this case, only 5-10 sheet piles will be installed.
If there is high tide, installing sheet piles is easier. It is possible to install 15-20 sheet piles when high tide occurs. In soft soil and the middle of the water, installing a sheet pile is easier.

Why We Can Use Sheet Piles

Mainly, Sheet pile has been used to support mining for underground parking structures, basements, pump houses, and foundations, to construct tunnels, seawalls, and bulkheads.

Temporary sheet piles are used in tunnels and other temporary works like deep excavations to simplify construction at underground and water levels. The sheet piles are usually extracted for reuse, after completion of construction. Temporary sheet piles can make from wood, vinyl, timber, polymeric, etc.

Permanent sheet piles are basically steel sheet piles. They are installed permanently as retaining walls, bridge bends, underground storage tanks, basements, and underground car parking. Steel sheet piles are the most popular due to its high strength, durability, ease of handling, and ease of construction. To provide a long service life, permanent steel sheet piles are designed.

Engineers choose sheet pile for construction because it provides extreme resistance to driving stresses. It is lightweight also. It can be reused for many functions. It has long life above or below water with less protection. By welding or bolting, they are easy to customize pile length. During driving, very few are not suitable for the joints to be broken.

Top Sheet Piles Supplier in Bangladesh

Sheet piles are a must-needed construction material. So almost all construction sites needs a sheet pile. Bangladesh has many companies that supply sheet piles; SIMEX Bangladesh is one of them. We have new and used sheet piles available in stock, ready for immediate dispatch.

SIMEX Bangladesh is one of the renowned sheet pile supplying companies in Bangladesh. Our products are used in all applications from all types of projects. All of our products meet the requirement as per international standards when it comes to reliability and quality.

Headed by business experts, SIMEX Bangladesh proudly brings to the market not only over twelve years of experience but a full complement of resources, capability and expertise to assist in projects of all sizes from conception to completion.

Our competence, together with our people skills and communication skills, means that we can provide flexibility, high quality and innovative ideas. SIMEX Bangladesh’s Employees have considerable piling experience and can provide expert advice on all types of piling operations and installation techniques.


Mullah Enterprise has established itself as a leading sheet pile supplier in Bangladesh, catering to the diverse needs of construction and infrastructure projects. Renowned for its commitment to quality and service, the company offers both sales and rental options to accommodate different project demands and budgets. Their extensive inventory includes a variety of sheet pile profiles to ensure the best fit for any engineering requirement.

By providing durable and reliable sheet piling solutions, Mullah Enterprise supports the foundation and retention needs of construction projects, ensuring stability and safety. Their expertise and comprehensive services make them a preferred partner for contractors and engineers across the nation.

Our Sheet Pile Products

Basically, SIMEX Bangladesh is considered best sheet pile suppliers in Bangladesh. Let’s discuss about it’s top demanded sheet pile products –

U Type Sheet Pile

U type Sheet Piles are made with U type profiles connected with each other at both sides to form a stretched wall, which has center lines in the middle of the double U section wall. U type sheet piles are also designed reasonably and have a high-quality factor. It more stable than any other type of sheet piles.


Z Type Sheet Pile

Z type sheet piles are produced in the shape of the English letter Z. These sheet piles are usually driven in crimped or welded doubles. Z type sheet piles are widely used in doing deep foundations.

Hat Type Sheet Pile

Another name of a hat type sheet pile is a pan-type sheet pile. This sheet pile has a relatively small section modulus. The effective width of a hat type sheet pile is 900mm (Maximum in the world as rolled piles). The piling direction is the same for each pile. It has a straight and effective section. It is mainly used in doing foundations under deep water.


Straight-Web Sheet Pile

Straight web sheet pile are normally shaped with close tubular structure, which is widely used in making tunnels, pier, construction of a port, etc. Where rock layers are quite superficial, their straight web sheet piles are mostly used. Straight-web sheet piles can be both temporary and permanent.

Our Dealing Procedure

For supplying sheet piles, SIMEX Bangladesh has more than 12 years of knowledge in the civil engineering sectors. Through our uplifting perspective on plans and our goal-oriented thoughts, we have built a good reputation on selling sheet piles. We are committed to delivering to our clients a professional and no fuss service. We are pleased with the information and experience we have acquired and we are fully focused on being a market leader in the many years to come.

When we find potential customers and determine whether they have a need for sheet piles—and whether they can afford what we offer. Evaluating whether the customers need our sheet piles and can afford it is known as qualifying.

Secondly, we make an initial contact with the potential customer, researching the market and collecting all relevant information regarding our sheet piles. At this point, we develop our sales presentation and tailor it to our potential client’s particular needs for sheet piles.

After preparation of the product, we make first contact with our client. Sometimes this is a face-to-face meeting, sometimes it’s over the phone. There are three common approach methods we apply-

Premium approach: Sometimes we presenting our potential client with a gift at the beginning of our interaction.

Question approach: Asking a question to get the prospect interested.

Product approach: Giving the prospect a sample or a free trial to review and evaluate our service.

Perhaps the most underrated sales process of us is handling customers’ objections. This is where we listen to our prospect’s concerns and address them. Successfully handling objections and alleviating concerns separates good salespeople from bad and great from good.

In the closing stage, we get the decision from the client to move forward. Depending on our business, we will try one of these three closing techniques.

Alternative choice close: Assuming the sale and offering the prospect a choice, where both options close the sale—for example, “Will you be paying the whole fee up front or in installments?” or “Will that be cash or charge?”

Extra inducement close: Offering something extra to get the prospect to close, such as a free month of service or a discount.

Standing room only close: Creating urgency by expressing that time is of the essence—for example, “The price will be going up after this month” or “We only have six spots left”.

Once we have closed the sale, our job is not done. The follow-up stage keeps us in contact with customers we have closed. And since retaining current customers is six to seven times less costly than acquiring new ones, maintaining relationships is key.

Why You Buy Sheet Piles from SIMEX Bangladesh

SIMEX Bangladesh is a leading construction company & sheet pile supplier in Bangladesh. We supply all types of construction materials including sheet piles. Our sheet piles are made with high-quality and strong steel. We have a professional engineer and constructor team, who will help customers in choosing which types of sheet pile need will need for their project. We delivered sheet piles all over the country.

Using of steel sheet pile in construction site is increasing day by day in Dhaka including allover in Bangladesh. We delivered different types of sheet pile in Dhaka also in whole Bangladesh. For selling high-quality sheet pile in Bangladesh, SIMEX Bangladesh is a leading company in this native industry.

SIMEX Bangladesh has a fleet of modern, safe machines available to perform sheet pile installations of all kinds in all locations. We are supplying fresh and new sheet piles to our customers. For supplying accurate products to our customers, SIMEX Bangladesh becomes a trustworthy construction company to them.

Trusted Sheet Pile Supplier in Bangladesh

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