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Buy Used Shipping Containers (二手運輸集裝箱) In Bangladesh

Shipping containers (運輸集裝箱) are now used widely in Bangladesh. Many construction companies using shipping containers for various reasons as they have many benefits. But if anyone have short budget, but need a container then they could buy used shipping container (二手運輸集裝箱). Using shipping containers people are building many structures, including container office building, shipping container house, container restaurant, shipping container toilet and multiple creative uses of shipping containers.

Individual or a company building many infrastructures with shipping containers but the maximum time they use used shipping container. Used shipping containers are cost-effective and easy to find. And to buy used shipping containers (二手運輸集裝箱) or buy second-hand shipping containers (二手運輸集裝箱) then the product will be more cost-effective than a new item and will produce the same productivity as new item.

Used Shipping Containers Office for Sale

It is hard to find a great office space, especially if you need them as the location you require. We have the perfect solution for you with our used container office. SIMEX Bangladesh is now building, designing, and decorating offices in a used shipping container. Our used container offices are cost-effective with the best quality as you need. We selling used container offices for more than two years. From a data, we can see that, in 2020 we sell 750 used container offices where our target was only to sell 500 container offices. So, SIMEX Bangladesh is one of the best used shipping container supplier in Bangladesh.

Why Used Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are cost-effective, durable, and reliable building materials.

Used shipping containers still have a lot of life left in them so don’t waste them. Here are some great uses of shipping containers that could inspire anyone to build with containers.

  • Living Space: This use of shipping containers is so popular. People are using single or multiple containers to build strong, cost-effective, eco-friendly houses.
  • Working Space: Shipping containers are using as various kinds of working spaces. People customize the container to their taste and make it work-friendly for them.
  • Retail Outlet: The idea of using a shipping container as a retail outlet is very useful. Many companies now make their grocery shops, cloth shops, etc. from a shipping container. Even shopping malls are also building from this container.
  • Restaurants and Cafes: When we go outside to have street food, we find many restaurants beside the road which are made from containers. These container restaurants and cafes are getting popular day by day.
  • Swimming Pool: Nowadays people are so choosy about their taste. Every people want a unique design at their home. So now people build swimming pools at their house from shipping containers. This use is very much uncommon still.
  • Schools & Classrooms: There are some parts of our country where people don’t have proper infrastructure for education. In such places, shipping containers can provide the best solution for a school or a classroom.

Used Shipping Containers Price in Bangladesh

Used container price depends on the size of the containers. Mainly, in Bangladesh there are mainly 2 sizes of container available which are 20ft, and 40ft. The prices are vary at the condition of the container. If anyone want to buy used shipping containers (二手運輸集裝箱), then should follow the below pricing feature-

20ft Used Container Price:

Tk. 1,40,000
20ft x 8ft x 8ft 6″ used containers available throughout at SIMEX Bangladesh for immediate sale/delivery. The color of the containers may vary or can customize as per clients requirements.

40ft Used Container Price:

TK. 1,50,000

40ft x 8ft x 8ft 6″ used containers available at SIMEX Bangladesh. SIMEX has ready to deliver containers.

Used Shipping Containers

Specification Of 40ft Used Shipping Containers

40ft shipping container is the standard size among all the sizes of containers. The market demand for 40ft container is always demandable. The great use of 40ft used container is for building container houses. People can make all types of structures from 40ft container. SIMEX Bangladesh is ready to supply and sell all types of 40ft used shipping containers. If customers want empty container or decorate container, SIMEX Bangladesh can give customers both types of used container. If you need any type of 40ft used container, please feel free to contact SIMEX Bangladesh. We are always ready to help you with our service.

Specification Of 20ft Used Shipping Containers

The market demand for 20ft used containers is getting high day by day. People mostly use 20ft container as restaurants, cafes, toilets and bathrooms, offices, etc. As a leading container supplier company of Bangladesh, SIMEX Bangladesh has both empty and ready-to-use 20ft used containers. We also decorate the container as per clients’ requirements. If you think about building your next project with containers, please come to SIMEX Bangladesh and share your idea. We will help you to give your idea into reality.

If anyone interested to buy good quality of used shipping container, please contact SIMEX Bangladesh. SIMEX Bangladesh is one of the leading companies in Bangladesh which sell used shipping container. In 2020 the target of selling shipping containers is 700 but surprisingly the target has been exceeded by 1000. We have the target to sell 15,000 container toilets within 10 years. We are expecting SIMEX Bangladesh will sell the highest number of container toilets in the future.

SIMEX Bangladesh offers a full turn-key solution for container selling and conversions. Besides selling containers, we design the container as homes, offices, toilets, etc. Our hugely experienced design and engineering team will help you to choose the best one which you have in mind.

We create a nationwide container marketplace that’s faithful, and spontaneous to use.

SIMEX Bangladesh is offering custom size of Shipping Containers.

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