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Construction Site Container Office (施工現場集裝箱辦公室) Decoration

On construction site (工地), temporary offices (臨時辦公室) are very much needed. But in the past, people did not found any proper materials for build a temporary office to construction sites. To solve this problem, shipping containers (運輸集裝箱) bring a revolutionary change to construction sites. Construction Site Container Office (施工現場集裝箱辦公室) is a revolutionary changes in construction industry.

Now people are made portable office/mobile office with shipping containers. Shipping container offices solve the temporary office problem at the construction sites.

One of the most common uses of shipping containers (運輸集裝箱) is as a construction site container office. Shipping containers are hugely using in building offices as it is portable, eco-friendly, well ventilated, air-conditioned and highly secure.

Portable office are usually two sizes- 20ft and 40ft. 40ft Container Office (40英尺集裝箱辦公室) is a standard size for building a perfect container office. Container office buildings can be many types. People can decorate it as their tastes. For making an office the container, it can be decorated in many ways, like- with toilet or without a toilet, with kitchen or without a kitchen, single cabin or double cabin, etc.

A container office works for all kinds of businesses. A container layout is bespoke, due to its flexibility. A shipping container office (海運集裝箱辦公室) at the construction site can help to grow business. Moreover, Containers are secure, offering you peace of mind.

Construction site container office building (施工現場集裝箱辦公樓) needs everything as a permanent office. SIMEX Bangladesh provides all the facilities customers need for their container office at the construction site. Site Office Container Accessories may include:

  • Lighting and power.
  • Phone and data connections.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Personnel door access.
  • Windows and shutters.
  • Insulation.
  • Kitchenette
  • Office furniture is available.

construction site container offices

It have some features to make the office comfortable and perfect for work at the construction site. SIMEX Bangladesh will provide all the features you need for your portable office. The container office features are-

  • Easily transportable and locatable.
  • Modular and expandable – simply add additional offices when required.
  • Wind and waterproof.
  • Vermin proof.
  • Completely secure.
  • Large range of sizes and layouts.
  • Perfect for worksites.
  • Ready for immediate use on delivery.

If you need a portable office/mobile office (便攜式辦公室/移動辦公室) for your construction site as per your taste. Please come to the SIMEX Bangladesh office, tell us about your project, we will help you to make your project real. We have a highly experienced team who always ready to serve you as you need.

SIMEX Bangladesh is one of the renowned container office construction companies in Bangladesh (孟加拉國的集裝箱辦公室建築公司). We sell both empty and furnished office containers. If anyone buys an empty container to make that an office, we can help them to decorate and create a proper office space that they want. If anyone buys a decorated and furnished container office, we can modify the decoration as per their requirements.

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