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The tiled surfaces of something, or the arrangement of tiles on a surface. Decorative tilework typically takes the form of mosaic upon the walls, floor, or ceiling of a building.

A tile is a manufactured piece of hard-wearing material such as ceramic, stone, metal, baked clay, or even glass, generally used for covering roofs, floors, walls, or other objects such as tabletops. Thinner tiles can be used on walls than on floors, which require more durable surfaces that will resist impacts.

Tiles are widely used for flooring in the kitchen, bathrooms, parking lots, rooftops and also used as tabletops for dining rooms. Tiles are made from materials like ceramic, porcelain, glass, stone, or metal.

The average life expectancy of a ceramic tile floor is 75 to 100 years, while natural stones such as marble and granite can last more than 100 years.


Types of Tiles Work

  • Ceramic Tile Work
  • Porcelain Tile Work
  • Glass Tile Work
  • Cement Tile Work
  • Marble Tile Work
  • Mosaic Tile Work
  • Granite Tile Work
  • Limestone Tile Work
  • Travertine Tile Work
  • Quarry Tile Work
  • Metal Tile Work
  • Resin Tile Work

Tiles Work Procedure

  • Clean the Floor
  • Snap Chalk Lines
  • Dry Run the Tiles
  • Snap Another Chalk Line
  • Mix the Thin-Set Mortar
  • Apply the Mortar
  • Place the Tiles
  • Cut Odd Tiles
  • Place the Spacers
  • Apply the Grout
  • Remove Excess Grout

Benefits of Tiles Work

  • Tiles don’t burn.
  • Tiles are anti-static.
  • Tiles are not harmful to health.
  • The surface of ceramic tiles, whether glazed or unglazed, is very dense.
  • Tiles are hygienic and easy to clean.
  • Their great durability is also part of their environmental compatibility.


Tiles Work Companies in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, there are many companies that do tiles work. SIMEX Bangladesh is one of them.

SIMEX Bangladesh is one of the fastest-growing tiles work companies in Bangladesh. Our products are used in diverse applications from general projects. All of our products meet the most stringent requirements as per international standards when it comes to reliability and quality.

SIMEX Bangladesh provides a wide range of construction, industrial, commercial, road, and bridge supplies. We specialize in Steel Pipe, Plate, Sheet pile, Heavy Equipment Sales/Rental, Prefabricated Vertical Drain, Rail Line Ballast, Stone Chips (Dubai, China), and General Purchase. Our own brick manufacturing plant and Concrete plant are always ready to meet the client’s requirements.

Our honorable clients are – Bangladesh Economic Zone Authority, Roads and Highway Development of Bangladesh, Local Government Engineering Department Of Bangladesh, Bangladesh Oil Development Board, Italian Thai Development (Dhaka Metro Rail Project), Sinohydro (Dhaka Metro Rail Project), Xingweng Feng Trade Co. & Ltd., Wellstone Co & Ltd and many more.

SIMEX Bangladesh’s Tiles Work Services

SIMEX Bangladesh tile has provided exceptional service and quality products to architects, interior designers, homeowners, and contractors throughout the area since our inception. Our clients enjoy our hassle-free process while watching their beautiful spaces come to life. Our unique and customize collection makes a lasting impression, whether you’re going for a classic timeless feel or a more contemporary, edgy style.

Depending on what you have in mind, the SIMEX Bangladesh tile can connect you with trusted designers, contractors, and handymen to make your project complete.

We’re more than just tile experts. We’ll create a project plan based on your goals and budget; help you select the right materials; deliver an estimate with flexible options; and design a schedule around you. We want you to brag about the results and the care we put into every project detail.

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