Warehouse Container


Warehouse Container Features

  • Warehouse Containers are efficient, and they have flexibility.
  • The secured doors that the containers include have lock rods, and locking hasps as features.
  • Most of the containers have portable fork pockets.
  • They are weatherproof and have heavy-duty floors on their most equipment.
  • Quick, give on-time delivery, and pickup.


Specifications of Warehouse Container

Load capacity: ……….. kg

External dimensions: L x W x H (mm)

Height: ……… feet

Shape: Rectangular

Material: Mild Steel

About This Item

– Warehouse or Shipping containers usually come in two sizes, either 20 feet by 8 feet or 40 feet by 8 feet.

– The smaller size is about 160 square feet of living space.

– The larger container size includes 320 square feet of space.



A Warehouse Container can be best used for the storage of goods or stocks. With Warehouse containers, the Shipment and product handling process is simple. Many items like industrial equipment, garments, machinery, vehicles can be carried by the Warehouse Containers.

However, these containers can store all the construction site storage like raw materials, goods, paint, tools, copper, etc. The size of the warehouse or shipping containers is quite limiting and can quickly be consumed by plumbing, HVAC, insulation, and other systems.

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