Shipping Container House


The term “shipping container house” can be used to describe any type of residence that was built using steel shipping containers. While used containers are typically the choice for this purpose, new ones can be used as well. These containers can be used individually to create tiny homes, or they can be welded together or stacked to build much larger spaces. Single-family homes as well as multi-tenant apartment buildings can be constructed using these modular steel boxes. As mentioned earlier, they can even be used to construct student housing.

The shipping containers stacked together on trucks or in harbors aren’t very attractive, but they are water-tight and surprisingly spacious. A container house is built out of these containers, but that’s just the beginning. After necessary alterations are made, the result is a stylish and comfortable dwelling.

Standard Size of a Shipping Container House

The size of shipping container house is quite limiting and can quickly be consumed by plumbing, HVAC, insulation, and other systems. A container was designed to fit on a train, which means it’s narrow, and ordinary furniture doesn’t fit right.

Shipping containers usually come in two sizes, either 20 feet by 8 feet or 40 feet by 8 feet. The smaller of the two equals about 160 square feet of living space, while the larger container gets 320 square feet.

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