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How To Paint Outside Of A House Without Scaffolding?

Painting standard two or three-storied house walls is a difficult task. It can be challenging and risky to paint exterior walls without scaffolding. If you want to use scaffolding then contact us. Some owners prefer scaffolding for risk-free painting. Before painting, decide whether you’ll use a scaffold or not.

Scaffold does an excellent job of ensuring personal safety when painting high corners. But it is not the only solution to reach high corners.

Do you want to paint outside of the house without scaffolding? In this article we will cover up how to paint outside of the house without scaffolding. Here, we highlight all possible solutions. Let’s catch up!

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Alternatives Of Scaffold

We know that painting a two or more-storied building is complicated and needs professional help. If you have proper knowledge about how to do it, you do not need any help. We will discuss alternative tools besides scaffolding for painting exterior high walls. 



The ladder is the best tool to climb up higher. It is available in the marketplace and comes at an affordable price. Besides, you can easily adjust the ladder size from high to low range as per your need. You can go for the steel platform ladder when you choose a ladder. The steel ladders are reliable, lightweight, and easy to use. You can place the ladder whenever you want during painting. 

Also, the platform provides you with a storage station to keep your tools nearby. It is the most helpful technique for painting. If you want to buy a high-quality steel ladder, SIMEX is the most trustworthy company. SIMEX is the best scaffolding supplier in Bangladesh. Also, they supply, manufacture various types of steel products. 


Extension Pole

The extension poles are the most risk-free alternative for painting high walls. The extension pole is the best pick whenever you paint in high corners. It is also known as a telescoping pole. It has a customizable sizing option to paint the exterior walls easily. However, its height reaches a two-storied building. But if you want to go higher, then add extra two poles. You can choose a metal pole to work securely, but it is a cost-effective option. 


Final Words

Painting a house is the riskiest and challenging job. Here, scaffolding provides easy access to work higher. And it indeed offers countless benefits. Do you want to get cost-friendly and high-quality scaffolding for painting your house? Contact us we are the leading importer and manufacturer of scaffolding in Bangladesh. To set up scaffolding needs enough space. For this reason, unprofessional painters should avoid painting without scaffolding. 

You can buy a ladder or extension pole to do your painting job perfectly and securely. And these two options are also affordable and offer multipurpose services. For this reason, you can use these options anytime and anywhere for painting walls or ceilings. We hope that this article appropriately guides you, and you do not need to wonder how to paint outside of the house without scaffolding.