Straight Web Sheet Piles


Straight web sheet piles are designed to form cylindrical structures, generally closed, retaining a soil backfill. In general, they are used where the piles are liable to be subjected to tensile forces, hence interlocking strength is of prime importance. They include cellular cell structures (cofferdams) and diaphragm cell structures. It is mostly used on projects where rock layers are close to ground level, where the excavation depth removes toe support, or where anchoring cannot be reasonably provided.

Applications of Straight Web Sheet Piles

  • It is very deep tunnels or dry-docks
  • Deep-sea jetty walls
  • Breakwaters

The dimension of Straight Web Sheet Piles





Sectional Area


Moment of Inertia

Modulus of Section

Width Height Thickness Pile Wall




mm Mm mm cm2/pile Kg/m Kg/m2 Cm4/m




44.5 9.5 78.57 61.7 123 396 157.1
500 47.0 12.7 98.36 77.2 154 570


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