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Jetty, different types of engineering framework which, connected with river, harbor, and coastal works designed to control the present or tide or to protect a harbor or coastal areas from waves. The two principal types of jetties are those constructed at river banks and different coastal entrances and those used for the berthing of ships in harbors and offshore wherever harbor facilities don’t seem to be accessible. The demand of temporary jetty construction in Bangladesh is increasing day by day.

There are two kinds of the jetty construction

  1. Permanent jetty construction and
  2. Temporary jetty construction.

A temporary jetty shall be constructed at the project to facilitate berthing of barges for loading or unloading of construction materials and equipment. The fundamental components of the temporary jetty consist of an access embankment and prefabricated jetty structure that shall be installed at the seaward end and cover of the embankment.

The temporary jetty will enable the loading of bridge components and the transfer of workers between the coastline and work areas.

Materials and Equipment for Temporary Jetty Construction

The jetty will be made of tubular steel piles, with a steel beam and reinforced concrete deck. It will use as the platform to lift precast concrete segments onto a river barge.


The main items of materials to be used for the construction of temporary jetty and embankment are-

  • Rockfill
  • Prefabricated temporary jetty platform

All equipment to be deployed for the construction of the temporary jetty will be well maintained is in good working condition. The lifting equipment will be third-party certified and in compliance with the requirements of the project.

The main items of permanent equipment are-

  • Land-based equipment
  • Marine equipment

Construction Procedure

Constructions of temporary jetty have two major procedures-

  • Construction of embankment
  • Installation of temporary platform jetty

Temporary Jetty Construction Company in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, there are around ten companies that are working on jetty construction. SIMEX Bangladesh is one of them.

SIMEX Bangladesh has developed experience as jetty construction company in Bangladesh. We have got expertise in jetty design which has comprise constructing marine infrastructure for a wide range of businesses along with ports, government sectors, multinational companies, and other construction companies. As in most coastal and river creek construction plans, careful attention is needed to the strategies of construction used to reduce the impact on the environment.

Our Jetty Construction Services

Our jetty construction service is two different types:

  1. Lighterage Loading and
  2. Lighterage Unloading

At Jetty Constructions, we’re qualified and certified to conduct any jetty piling works; this suggests that we are able to pile any structures that require to be installed over the water. We provide a range of jetty piling services and can customize our piling solutions to suit your construction project wants. Our jetty piling includes:

  • Sheet Piles
  • CHS Piles
  • I Beams
  • Concrete Piles

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