Landscaping Companies in Bangladesh

Landscaping means any activity by which you can modify and visual features of lands, gardens, natural abiotic elements, more. Also, it includes changing or improving the lighting as per the weather, and it needs expertise in artistic designs and horticulture. However, it is more than mowing lawns or planting shrubs and trees. Few landscaping companies in Bangladesh give services such as retaining walls, sod work, driveway interlocking, and more. 

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In addition, landscaping boosts the value and functionality of your land and property. There are many landscaping companies all over the country that offers artful products, creative design, and expert guidelines. Also, they have the expertise in doing various small, medium, and big projects in front yards, back yards, and different places.

For landscaping, companies usually take help from landscape architects for planning, analyzing, and designing any land-based projects on the building and natural environments. Plus, it is their work to design houses, parks, offices, shopping malls, hospitals, and other projects who want landscaping or garden areas.

Advantages of Landscaping

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Are you having a pleasant outdoor space on the land of your house or company building? If yes, then it can make your place’s first impression amazing and remarkable to your family, relatives, friends, or clients. Below are some of the advantages of landscaping services in Bangladesh:

Trees and Grass Can Balance Temperature

 You can get the cooler temperature with grass radiation at your office or house. So, it will lessen your air conditioning necessities. Trees and grass are cooler than cement or asphalt structures. For urban areas, landscaping or gardening is more beneficial to have your ground limit its heat.

Financial Advantages

With better landscaping in your malls, houses, and companies, you will be able to attract customers to come to your place. Commercial buildings having a garden, or trees can make clients feel relaxed so there is a chance to grow your business faster with the best landscaping.

Landscapes gives positive effects on water and air

Trees produce oxygen for mankind every day, they reduce the flow of depositions of air and lowers pollutants from water.

What services do landscaping companies offer?

Professional landscaping service provider companies give different type of services that meets your expectation. Here are some popular landscaping services that you will get from the companies:

Plant Health Care: PHC

Plants feed themselves with lots of nutrients put into the soil. So, in any landscaping package you choose, make sure that your plants get enough nutrients from the soil, and also it is necessary to control pests, bag-worms, etc.

Bed Maintenance

It is a must-have service that consists of removal of browning branches and leaves, ground-cover controlling, spent bloom removal, weeding, and more.

Pruning or Hedging

Pruning can be done for keeping the shapes or sizes of plants perfect. You have to do it at the correct time of the year. Also, you can do hedging that shapes plants into a geometric shape. 

Irrigation Start-Up/Shut-Down System

In the maintenance, companies often add irrigation start-ups and shut-down. Most people start up the irrigation process in the spring. It is possible to adjust good plant health and further do repairs if needed.

Clean-Up in Spring/Fall 

You need to deep-clean your landscape about 1-3 times in the whole year. It includes grass dividing, seasonal perennial trim down, and mulch raking. 

Leaf Removal

You can have customized leaf removal packages from different companies. It will be needed once or twice a year although you can choose the time when you want to remove leaves.

Lawn Mowing

Most mowing contracts range from 28 to 32 mows in the mid-west. The pricing can add the edging, string-trimming, and blowing off rough or hard surfaces.

Some of the top landscaping companies in our country

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There are a great number of landscaping companies in Bangladesh. You will get their services with artistic products, trees, and guidance. You will feel peaceful having trees or grass around wherever you look. There are many companies you will get available that work with the interior and landscaping in different places such as homes, offices, malls, parks, or hospitals. So, let’s discuss some of the renowned landscaping companies in Bangladesh which will give you extraordinary support and service in your house, office, or restaurant. 


Nirmaan is one of the leading landscaping constructors in our country. They are experts in working with many residential and commercial projects. Additionally, Nirmaan provides gardening services, grass parking, interior landscaping, terrace garden design, soft landscaping, and other services. This service gives you comfort and a feel of living in the green. 

First, Nirmaan gives their customers a sketch of the plan of the landscape by accepting a design fee. Also, they do the plantation with shrubs, trees, orchids, fruits, bonsai, transplanting, or vegetables. Nirmaan is located in Dhaka, so if you also live in Dhaka and around any area of Dhaka, you can contact Nirmaan to get your desired landscaping services from them.

SIMEX Bangladesh

SIMEX is one of the largest companies in Bangladesh which works according to their customer’s preferences. SIMEX provides many construction services including landscaping and gardening. Also, it works for both commercial and residential construction projects. SIMEX gives edging, pruning, trimming, mowing, irrigation, and monitoring services to their clients. They firstly look at the property and make a plan based on the season. 

By taking landscaping services from SIMEX, you will feel relaxed and keep closer to nature. If you are doing business, then your client will be attracted by the greenery or interior of your office. SIMES’s landscaping services will make you feel your place is more like an ideal peaceful home. So, don’t hesitate and contact SIMEX through their website or mobile. Also, it is possible to visit the office for any construction services that is situated at Baridhara DOHS, Dhaka.

The Green Savers

The Green Savers is an outstanding company for roof and indoor gardening. They can make your roof full of fresh fruits, medicinal plants, and decorations as you want. Also, they give services to make a garden inside houses or restaurants. They have qualified landscape designers who make plans for large-scale commercial areas, residential properties, and outdoor spaces. Also, they do vertical and rock gardening. You will have an opportunity to select classic or contemporary rock garden features. 

Green Garden Agricultural Company

Green Garden is an agricultural company that gives landscaping services for a long time all over the country. However, it imports seeds of plants and flowers from different countries of the world like Germany, the USA, Thailand. Green Garden participates in many exhibitions of agriculture in the country and abroad. They will meet your every requirement whether you want any garden or simple grass services. Plus, they have garden tools, greenhouse equipment, seeds, shade nets, mulching film, and more. This company ensures quality work and urban beautification with natural elements. You will get crafts, foliage, floral supply, different plants, pottery, terracotta, and more things. In addition, it makes a greener environment to give you the ultimate comfort.

Interior Concepts

Interior Concepts is a versatile landscape service provider company in Bangladesh. They specialize in gardening services, interior design, commercial, and residential projects. You can get your house’s interior design as you prefer with highlighting, and indoor plants. If you want to have services from them, check their website immediately. 

Moreover, their team has extensive knowledge as well as experience in design. Also, they deliver top-quality planting schemes within your budget. They have professional designers who make creative landscape designs that you can choose for your home, office, swimming pool, kitchen, and other purposes.

Wrapping Up

To conclude, landscaping is an inevitable concept nowadays. The growth of urban regions is increasing day by day and we see limited greenery recently. Gardening or planting trees can open a door for bringing oxygen more to your places. So, there is no doubt that if you have a house or any commercial business, you need to keep landscaping areas in your plot. The landscaping companies located in Bangladesh will help you with the landscape by providing their dedicated service to your area. Keep trust in them and have a good package among these companies I have mentioned above.

If you have any queries regarding these companies or any company I have missed to include here, you can suggest me. Put your queries here, and I will answer you as soon as possible.